Putting the “fun” in functional pottery

Yeah, that was corny.
But we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and that includes our work.

“We” are Taylor, Sophie, our wheel (Judy), kiln (Charlotte), and our three feline studio supervisors: Shy Guy, Wipper, and Buster.

Taylor started pottery lessons back in 2018, and was soon hooked. They bought their own wheel and kiln and set up shop in the basement shortly after. They started selling pots when their kitchen cupboards overflowed with joyful experimentation. Taylor loves form and surface decoration, using sgraffito and underglazes to create mugs, vases, bowls, planters, and many other functional pieces.

Sophie threw her first pots on Taylor’s wheel in 2019. She’s been passionately working on glaze combinations ever since. Sophie started selling her work at Backyard Kiln’s farmers market booth in 2021, and you’ll see some pieces from her here, as well as collaborations between her and Taylor.

Welcome to our space, we hope you enjoy your visit!

Multimedia collage



Beautiful, sturdy new homes for your plants.